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Who Can Get Support From Potential Unwrapped?

Support is available for anyone starting up, running or growing a business or enterprise or anyone still considering it. Whether you’re in the process of starting up or you are already established, we can help.

What support is available?

See our services Page for more details.

We offer one to one support, where you meet with and get help from a Facilitator on one or more aspects of your business such as your business plan and finances.

We offer various events including coaching sessions, peer support and networking where you can meet with like-minded people, learn something new and get inspired, all in an informal, supportive environment.

We offer a coaching and mentoring programme where we equip aspiring business owners with the skills and solutions to enable them launch their business or project successfully.

We offer much more – see our services page for more details, or get in touch and tell us what you need help with.

Is my idea a good one?

People oftentimes have ‘good’ ideas, which they are unable to articulate. The ability to do this successfully is a big part of the entrepreneurial journey not in the least because it provides a compelling reason why customers should buy from you. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

It also serves as a catalyst in investors’ decision making. They usually seek to know what problem your your idea will solve and/or how it will prove to be a better alternative to an existing offering.

We also help you to do this.

How can I avoid the common mistakes?

Many of the same business mistakes are the same across different industries. Common mistakes include insufficient capital, marketing, and a lack of understanding of market trends.

These are all addressed in our coaching and support programmes.

Other Questions

How do I determine my start up costs?

It is vital to establish this before starting and guidelines and worksheets are available which help to determine your business’ anticipated expenses. Research as much as you can before making huge investments. One of the major reasons for new business failure is insufficient capital. We can help you determine the costs involved in your venture.

How much does it cost?

Whilst the cost depends on the services or support required, the services are designed to be affordable.

If I do not need a loan, why do I need a business plan?

A business plan serves a primary purpose of guiding the owner in the successful operations of the business. Doing your due diligence and considering all aspects of the business or project beforehand equips you with the awareness and wherewithal to deal with issues that may confront you in the future.

Is there anyone I can ask specific questions about my proposed or established business or project?

We are here to help. We provide confidential business advice and mentoring services to aspiring and established business owners. We have assisted several start-up and growing businesses by providing advice by email, telephone and face-to-face.

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